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Eat, Love, Snap, Share

These days, it’s still essential for families to stay connected. The last months have been challenging. More than ever people need family and friends. Modern technology has gone a long way to help. Skype and Zoom are marvelous tools but when the connection ends and the screen goes blank, what then? My GrandKids, that’s what! […]

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Strange But True

by Samantha Weaver  It was noted Irish author and wit Oscar Wilde who made the following sage observation: “There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.” The very first CD of a musical recording was made in 1982. The album was The Visitors […]

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Lesser Known Deaths In 2020

by Jason Goldtrap As we say good riddance to 2020 let’s take a moment to remember those often overlooked in the traditional year in review. There were 35 soldiers who died this year defending freedom and 209 police officers died in the line of duty. Rosalind P. Walter, 95, inspired the song Rosie The Riveter. […]

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Keeping Busy This Winter

by Matilda Charles Winter is fast approaching, but at least we are no longer getting those constant election phone calls The one thing that hasn’t gone away is the coronavirus, and our lives are nowhere back to normal. After we’ve baked yet another loaf of pandemic bread and can log on to a Zoom neighborhood […]

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Seven Miles…

That’s the distance from my home to work. It has been amazing to watch as the trees come down and new homes, apartment buildings, storage units, businesses, the new local mall, and the Outlet Mall consume the space on the northern end of Williamson and Clyde Morris as well as all areas surrounding them. On […]

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Year 2021 Medicaid Allowances

Full-time nursing care is a financial burden. If medical and financial eligibility standards are met, Medicaid assistance may be available. This article deals with the financial requirements. Certain threshold figures are adjusted annually. As of January 1, 2021, a single person applying for assistance must have less than $2,000.00 in countable assets. If the applicant […]

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Senior Loneliness Is Curable

by Barry KuKes About three months ago, I re-united with a very dear friend. He and I were best friends throughout our adolescent years and into our early twenties but drifted apart once our careers started to take shape. He moved to Iowa and practiced medicine for over thirty years, raised a family of five […]

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Here We Go Again…

The 50s were really a fun time for teenagers. They would gather after school at the local drug store refreshment counter and spend the next hour renewing their popularity. One teen said she was taught how to write a check by her father… so, she went to the local restaurant for a Coca Cola and […]

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Mayflies Don’t Make Great Pets

by Barry KuKes I f given a choice, don’t ever accept a mayfly as a pet. Why? Because ac-cording to www.themysteriousworld. com mayflies have the shortest lifespan on earth. Their life lasts only for 24 hours. Mayflies are also called ‘one-day insects’ because of their shortest life span. There are 2,500 different species of mayflies […]

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Despite Challenges—Time To Be Thankful

As we do our best to celebrate the holidays—as safely as we can—it’s a good time to look back and see where we’ve come, despite 2020 being one of the most challenging years in our history, and renew our hope for the new year in our country and here in Volusia County. Looking back over […]

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