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A Mother’s Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas
is peace and love
A warm, family feeling
that fits like a glove

A peppermint in my stocking
For a taste so sweet
And a series of wishes
To make my joy complete

I… do… not…
want an extended car warranty
Please make the phone calls end
So I won’t be uninterrupted
Talking with my friends

I want a CVS recipient
less than 8 feet long
And more cashiers at Wal-Mart,
is that so wrong?

I want coupons for Michael’s
A bathroom for my own
I want a Carmel Latte
Without needing a loan

A husband who will listen
Traffic free streets
Hallmark Channel Movies
A massager for my feet

Gas under two dollars
And time for a nap
Fluffy, feather pillows
Cuddling with my cat

I want to slow down
And avoid the hectic crowds
I want some decorations
to make my whole house proud

I want a perfect dinner
With hot cinnamon rolls
Kids who pay attention
Presents of pure gold

Santa, please do your best
to bring me Christmas cheer
Or I’ll scream uncontrollably
For another year!