12500 People Turn 50 Years Old Each Day
55 % Of The Population is 50 or Older
77 % Of Seniors Control All Financial Assets In America

Thank You

Thank you for considering Seniors Today for your advertising needs. Advertising to seniors is not only profitable for your business, but can also provide an expanding customer base for years to come. As this large demographic of senior consumers continues to grow (see statistics in our media kit), establishing your company as a leader in your field will bring a multitude of consumers to your door.

Go With Experience 

Our record stands on it’s own: we are in our 30th year of publishing this year. We are not a new publication and we have a fabulous following and readership. We have many loyal advertisers who have been advertising with us 20 years or better.

Advertising Advantages

With the senior marketplace expanding, it has become increasingly important for business owners to invest in targeted advertising which is geared to seniors specifically. With Seniors Today your ad is out for TWO FULL WEEKS, and will be seen by our internet readers free of charge. Seniors' interests differ from that of younger generations so it is important to advertise properly in order to achieve the desired results.


Because we have been publishing so long we have great, efficient distribution. We have spent 30 years fine tuning our distribution practices (and still do) so that we leave the appropriate amount of papers at thousands of locations all throughout Volusia and Flagler counties allowing for very minimal waste. We have a full team of delivery people so ALL of our papers are delivered on the day they come out so you get the MAXIMUM exposure (what you have paid for) for your advertising dollars.

JoyAnna Rebekah "Becky" Argeny Joyannainsurance.com

Many have tried in vein to copy the spirit and educational value of Seniors Today Newspaper! The paper informs the public of current events happening in Volusia and Flagler county... keeping our love ones healthy longer with activities! The paper is filled with articles which interest people and are educational for our seniors. The paper uses the top professionals to research the information provided and has the goods and services which are helpful to many individuals in our community! When you do not know where to turn, as life changes arise, the paper has a list of professionals ready to assist you! My associates can not wait to pick up the next copy! The best part is it is free to the community! I have gained many new accounts through advertising in Seniors Today!

30 Years

Seniors Today newspaper proudly celebrates 30 years of business and has become not only an entertaining read but a resource guide for up-to-date information for our seniors. We offer the most cost-effective advertising options targeting the customers you want to reach in the senior market. Our professional team is ready assist you with your advertising program. Please take a minute to explore our media kit and see why Seniors Today is your best advertising avenue.

Ad Placements

Our newspaper is carefully laid out to get the maximum exposure for our advertisers. Unless it is a full page ad, we make sure we have interesting editorial in the center of each page with the ads surrounding it so that each page is read. We monitor repeating customers ads to make sure they are rotated from front to back to be fair to all. We do not use our newspaper as an advertising vehicle for our own business. Paying customer ads start at the very front of our newspaper. After 25 years, we know the proper way to layout and design a newspaper!

Marjorie Marcus Client Care Liaison - American In-Home Care

Congratulations to Seniors Today, celebrating 25 years of truly serving our areas seniors! Not only does Seniors Today provide a wealth of information, they are always willing to lend a helping hand by supporting local fundraising efforts. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work side by side with Bonnie and her staff.

Bonus Offering

Our newspaper offers a PSA page, ‘What’s Happening Around Town’ in EVERY issue. When you advertise, you are guaranteed to have your event listed on that page for free… something unique to Seniors Today!

Great Value

We publish TWICE a month as opposed to other publications that only publish once a month. So for example if you are spending $500 a month advertising with Seniors Today, and the same amount (or more) advertising with a monthly publication, you are getting TWICE the exposure with Seniors Today because your readership has a brand new paper to read every two weeks, which allows for seeing your ad a second time that month and therefore DOUBLES the power of your dollars spent on advertising with Seniors Today. Of course Seniors Today does also offer the flexibility to only advertise once a month (every other issue) which of course cuts your bill in half!

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Congratulations Seniors Today on celebrating 25 wonderful years of giving back to the community... whether it is sponsoring annual fund raising events for Alzheimers & the Parkinson's Association or the Halifax Humane Society. The Newspaper is a wealth of information helping people navigate through life situations and the maze of services and programs in the community.

We look forward to another 25 years with Seniors Today!!