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An In-Depth Look A Lines & Wrinkles

by Lorri Leigh
‘Seniors Today’ welcomes Lorri Leigh as a new staff writer.

Aging facial features had me worried. I‘ve decided that it’s much easier to count decades rather than birthdays. It stops the yearly reminders that I’m getting older.
Traveling at break-neck speed toward my sixth decade, I’m taking a closer look at the lines and wrinkles on my face. I have no idea where they came from. Over time, they just showed up, like unexpected visitors.

At the bathroom mirror, I pull my jawline back to my earlobes. Ten years magically vanish. I remove my fingers and the balloon deflates—my lines and wrinkles reappear.
I think about what my daughter said the other day as she watched a video of me (taken almost 35 years ago.) “Gee, Mom, you were beautiful.” Then she quickly added, “Well, I mean, er, you still are, er, you know what I mean.” I laughed.

My face is different now. As I study my reflection, I think about all the emotions that are displayed on my face each day and the different lines and wrinkles those emotions create.

For instance, the lines at the bridge of my nose, well, they’re from anger—like when my 7-year old son cut his little sister’s ponytail right off her head. The marionette lines on my chin, they’re from anxiety. It’s an emotion I felt not knowing whether I would have a job following a corporate take-over. My crow’s feet, they’re from happiness. The little lines started when I welcomed each of my children into the world—and the lines continue to deepen each day. The lines on my forehead are from a myriad of surprises that

I’ve been so gratefully blessed with throughout the years.
Other lines, wrinkles, and gray hair are from individual incidents. You know the kind, where your body freezes, you hear nothing but buzzing in your ears, and you’re scared beyond words. It’s happened to me several times. The incident that comes to mind first is my toddler wandering off while I was clothes shopping. Hair On Fire! Panic! The store manager found her ‘hiding’ in the middle of a circular rack. The same one I was shopping from.

I start to smile at the woman reflected in the mirror when I realize all of these emotional moments are not only in my heart, they’re written all over my face. I’m okay with that. It means I’ve led an incredible life.

I’ve decided in lieu of a few nips and tucks, I’ll be wearing my face proudly, wrinkles, lines, and all—as a mother, wife, career woman. and business owner—and whatever else lies ahead for me.

There’s plenty of room for—a few—more lines and wrinkles.