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Another Covid Christmas… Be Merry… Be Wary

by Mitch Booth

Well, it looks like we are going to have Covid joining our holidays again this year. By the time you read this, we will be deluged with OMICRON news blurbs. After twenty-four months of confronting this scourge, we have developed some effective strategies with or without vaccination. The key: weaponize your immune system in order to protect yourself from getting Covid or, if vaccinated, to make sure you don’t become a breakthrough victim.

One side effect of Covid that has surfaced is dramatic hair loss, occurring about two weeks after recovery from a Covid infection. It is ironic that our first renewed continuing education program in September was spot on. Dr. Richard Passwater, PhD, head of BioMinerals Research and Development, flew in from the Netherlands. He is the foremost authority on our patented BioSil formula, which is the E.U.’s best-selling hair, skin, and nail restoration product.

His presentation discussed how stress and adrenal fatigue can negatively im-pact hair growth. In order to reverse the hair loss post Covid infection, these two issues need to be addressed, along with key nutrients. We have utilized BioSil in our hair support program even before the stress of Covid.

BioSil is the only nutraceutical which publishes the results of their clinical trials—showing restoration of hair, skin, and nail growth, as well as joint collagen—on the packaging!

This last benefit is significant. Collagen supplements are being bought in record amounts. The results have been mixed. Dr. Passwater showed that the most essential ingredient in collagen restoration is silica—but silica chelated with a unique patented choline molecule.

Two other cofactors were vitamin C and vitamin D3. Natural Factor’s Healthy Bones Plus utilizes BioSil to create their premier product for building not only strong bone but also collagen. In our thirty plus years, no other product has done a better job of fighting osteoporosis than Healthy Bones. Designed by Dr. Michael Murray, he states on his website: Don’t just build bone, build collagenized flexible bone.

This kit has another advantage. In addition to base level vitamin C, there is a therapeutic dose of vitamin K2, which medical authorities are saying is crucial to balance the high levels of vitamin D3 most of us are taking because of Covid. The best supplements for bone, hair, and joints all require exercise. With Covid, this has been a problem. Even gentle workouts optimize spinal piezoelectric current, which is crucial for stimulating osteoblast/collagen production.

This current is responsible for metabolizing these essential vitamins and minerals. It’s the switch that starts metabolism (Piezolelectricity Osteogenesis, Drs. Cheng Kao, Zeng Honglin, PubMed online 13/12/19, pages 1103-1117). In other words, move or you lose not only bone but joint elasticity.
This moving electricity stimulates up to ½ inch of hair growth per month. In addition, it vitalizes mitochondrial cell strength to fight not only COVID infection, but other pathogens like bacterial and environmental stressors.
So, get off the couch. Start an exercise program you can stick to. Kick stress by starting with a good night sleep and get educated. We still have the handouts from Dr. Passwater on BioSil as well as Dr. Murray’s handout on Healthy Bone Plus.
For the entire month of December, these Natural Factors products will be on sale at 20 percent off at both of our locations. The staff is trained to answer your questions. The literature is always free.

Don’t let this holiday be scary. Be proactive and be merry! Happy Holidays.
Mark your calendars. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum join us again for one night, February 16, 2022 at our Ormond Beach store. Focus: Type 2 diabetes reversal.

Mitch Booth is the owner of Love Whole Foods in Ormond Beach and Port Orange—the area’s largest organic and gluten free food stores.