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Another Day, Another Caller…

For the first time in years, America has been in a true turmoil. Generally, residents have done their best to deal with all new problems as they arose… but many more problems have been heaped upon us with every new addition for social services usage and of technological equipment.

A few years ago, the language we considered to be filthy, began being used in the written word. Language we weren’t allowed to use in our young lives began being freely spoken. Now, the ordinary usage of such is spoken, written, and even used in speeches.

Tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires, melting icebergs… there has been a continuation of disasters throughout the land. With Covid-19, we have run into another year of illnesses and deaths. Those of us who have managed to stay reasonably well have been doing our best to follow instructions and stay home as much as possible. When we do go out, we have dutifully worn face masks, washed our hands often, and tried to keep our distance from others.

With the coming of the vaccinations, many of us have taken advantage of one or both shots to help keep us healthy. While we have worked diligently toward returning good health, we are still constantly badgered with such things as unwanted phone calls. Even sales calls, though legitimate, should stay away unless first requested by the homeowner. I know of a person rushing to take a call, falling down, and having to seek help with a broken bone.

Worst of all, are the scam calls. Today, I got a Social Security call… not once but twice. As the voice was telling me my Social Security number had been cancelled and was saying how I could learn more about it, I hung up. You go away from the phone wondering if it could have possibly been so. I don’t always answer the phone, if it isn’t close by, and have begun checking later to see who left a message. Nine out of ten calls leave a message but no number—the monitor shows just unavailable, wireless, or invalid number.

For a person who earned a living in newspaper advertising, I dislike being hit with a plethora of media ads. I still choose to seek and find by going to my sources of interest.

In this time of bold trickery, a state of divide and conquer, we older Americans yearn for a time like the period following WW2, when everything— even the politicians—seemed to be working together for the good of all. Can we call back the good old days when we could count on each other, our churches, our communities, our friends, and our politicians to do the right thing for the good of all? We’re counting on it!

Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.