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Be Smart & Lock Your Vehicle

This week as I commend the outstanding work of our detectives and deputies in a recent rash of vehicle break-ins in Deltona, I’ll also remind everyone how important it is to protect your vehicles so they’re not burglarized in the first place. During the first weekend of September, detectives from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office were […]

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Another Birthday…

My daughter came to get me for a special dinner treat. It was my birthday, one I am always surprised to be having. The reason I say ‘surprised’ to be having a birthday is that 31 years ago I had a heart attack. I have done very well since, in spite of everything. Many years […]

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Emergency Home Energy Assistance For The Elderly Program

Special to Seniors Today The Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program (EHEAP) assists low-in-come households, with at least one person age 60 and older, when the households are experiencing a home energy emergency. A home energy emergency may result from a delinquent utility bill, lack of fuel or wood, or the receipt of […]

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From A Dog’s Point Of View

by Barry KuKes Is it morning already? Time to get up and have breakfast, but Mom and Dad are still sleeping. What’s an 86 pound Golden Retriever to do? Me know… Me will jump into the bed and gently nudge them until they wake up. Here I go. Oops! Sorry about that, Mom. Me always […]

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Can Scams Go On This Long?

A grandson collected his grandmother’s survivor benefits for 30 years after her death. How, one wonders, can that happen? Is no one checking to be sure those who receive benefits are still living? In this case the survivor benefits, based on the woman’s marriage to a veteran, kept going to her bank account. The grandson […]

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The Color Of Money

by Samantha Weaver In 2018, Nataraj Karate set a new Guinness World Record by stuffing 650 drinking straws in his mouth at once. He had to keep them there for at least 10 seconds to break the previous record. All Human blood cells have different lifespans. Dollar bills weren’t always green. Colonial money, for example, […]

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Antique Tools

Early 20th-century farms and households had many unusual appliances with identities and purposes that have been lost to time. Look at this device with toothed wheels and a hand crank that sold for $266 at Conestoga Auction Company in Pennsylvania. Is it a kitchen gadget—perhaps a fruit or vegetable peeler? Some kind of grinder or […]

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Kind-Hearted Floridians: Watch Out For Scammers Exploiting Tragedy

Even as we watch and read the heartbreaking news reports of the ongoing search and recovery efforts in Maui, floods from Tropical Storm Hilary—and anticipate the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia here in Central Florida—sadly, criminals will exploit these tragedies, and those to come. Residents in Maui’s scorched areas have endured unimaginable losses of homes, businesses, […]

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National Grandparents Day

Special to Seniors Today Each year the President is requested to issue a proclamation to: designate the first Sunday in September after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day; and to call on people, groups, and organizations to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities. National Grandparents Day has more than one possible origin. Some […]

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