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Should You Pay For Dog Training?

by Sam Mazzotta Dear Paw’s Corner: I love my new puppy, Star. He is so easy to train, listens to my commands, and his potty training is going well. Still, I’m wondering if we should also work with a professional trainer. He has some resistance issues to certain commands, and he is a bit reactive […]

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Redware Pottery

A strange redware pottery item was listed in a re-cent auction as a cup. It looked more like a squat 2-inch vase with a large opening on one side. The auction catalog called it a “19th century glazed redware slip cup,” estimated at $200 to $400. Even with a picture we were baffled. How was […]

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Know Any Good Future Deputies?

For me, heading out to work every day really doesn’t feel like work. When you’re blessed with the best job you could ask for, that’s just how it feels. Of course, every day brings challenges, some tougher than others. Most of us in law enforcement have seen things we’ll never forget and dealt with people […]

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Nursing Home And ALF—Patient Rights

The two most common long term care facilities that an elderly person may be residing in is nursing homes and assisted living facilities (“ALF”). We have all heard those stories of elderly people having issues with their nursing home or ALF. What can you do when despite your best efforts, the nursing home or ALF […]

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Workout Goals For 2023?

by Matilda Charles We love our new exercise coach. This is the young student who used us as guinea pigs for a college class project, graduated and has now been hired by the senior center as our permanent workout guru. It’s only been a month, and already we want to make him Employee Of The […]

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Stationed At Fort Ord?

by Freddy Groves I remember Fort Ord as a beautiful place to live, with perfect weather and the ocean right over the sand dunes. It was idyllic. Now over a thousand veterans have developed cancer after having served at Fort Ord. The likely culprit: chemicals in the drinking water, 40 of them, with trichloroethylene, or […]

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How To Provide For Your Pets After You Die

Many people worry about what will happen to their pets after they die. You cannot leave money directly to your pet as a beneficiary. You can leave money outright to a person for the benefit of the pet, but there is another solution. You can create a trust to provide funding for pets’ maintenance and […]

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Holidays May Be Over, But…

by Barry KuKes Even though the holidays are be- hind us, that doesn’t mean we can’t share the love in our hearts with a homeless animal needing a forever home. All animal shelters, in-cluding Halifax Humane Society (HHS), have many animals available for adoption that would love to be your next best friend! Many seniors […]

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Antiques—Chelsea Porcelain

A tin sign picturing an attractive girl has sold for $12,390, which is an impressive price for a portrait of a young woman from the 1910s! If you look closer, you’ll see that the woman is holding a glass marked Coca-Cola, and the Coca-Cola logo is visible on the bottom of the frame. It’s not […]

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