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Avoid Spam

by JoAnn Derson

  • Just fill the pan with enough water to cover the burned-on food, then lay a dryer sheet of fabric softener in the pan (poke it down so it will stay under the water). The next morning, you should be able to wipe the food right off. You can even use the fabric softener sheet as a scrubber.
    —A.S. in Maryland
  • I installed rivet rings in the corner of my bathroom towels. Now, when I hang a towel up, it stays hung up.
    —I.S. via e-mail
  • Ways to avoid spam, that nuisance e-mail that comes to fill your e-mail box in droves: Use a name that has both words and numbers. Keep a separate free e-mail address for bill-paying and one for shopping. Be sure to report spam to your e-mail provider. Up your filter and add everyone you know to your address book or safe list. —via e-mail
  • To keep thread straight when threading needles, I run the end across a cheap glue stick. It works very well, and the glue washes right out of the thread. If you are afraid it will be sticky, you can just clip the end off before you start sewing.
    —T.E. in Kentucky
  • To make butter easier to spread on bread or toast, we keep a stick in a plastic sandwich baggie. We just handle the butter a bit through the bag. It softens, but doesn’t overmelt, like when you put it in the microwave. You can just reseal the baggie and put it back in the fridge.
    —N.U. in Florida
  • To make your carpets look clean in a hurry, like if you are having company over, just sweep them with your broom.
    —C.C. in Pennsylvania

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