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Book Review: ElderCare Simplified

Mom Schillinger - B7ElderCare Book


ith over 12,500 American’s turning fifty every day, it’s no surprise that by 2017 those aged fifty and older will represent fifty-five percent of the population. With facts like that, there has never been a greater time to learn about the decisions that need to be made as Americans age. A simple and easy-to-use guide filled with resources and checklists, this invaluable new manual provides readers with all the essential information needed for seniors to navigate the processes and decisions that come with aging. The guide also serves as a fundamental organizational tool that communicates all personal information and relevant wishes in a clear, concise, and simplified format. A perfect tool for seniors, veterans, the disabled, and their caregivers.

Written by local authors, Susan H. Little and Rose K. Traub ElderCare Simplified: A Comprehensive Manual To Guide You Through The Stages Of Aging is targeted toward seniors, veterans, the disabled, and their caregivers. Filled with important information about the aging process, leads you every step of the way in an easy-to-understand and highly comprehensive , yet compassionate manner.

It is an inexpensive and informative guide to help seniors as well as caregivers, ElderCare Simplified is a must read for anyone dealing with elderly or disabled loved ones.

With a friendship spanning over thirty years, Traub and Little have each become the primary caregivers for their own parents and in-laws, and both learned that caregiving alone is a full-time job. With both of them possessing careers, children, and husbands, time and time again they relied on each other for emotional support as well as valuable information. Necessity drove them to learn the ins and outs of elder services, medical services, and hospice services. As they learned more, they began to see the need to share this knowledge with others in an effort to help people gain the direction they need in order to plan for the future. Traub has held various corporate managerial and sales positions in the geriatric health care field. Little has a master’s in educational leadership and retired after thirty-four years in public education as a teacher and assistant principal then went on to become a senior care advisor and advocate.

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