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Brighten Up Holiday Season

by: Andre Sowerby-Thomas
Holiday lights and décor bring feelings of joy, positivity, and happiness—and that’s why many Floridians brighten up their homes with decorations each year.
Between lighting, special décor, and home cooked meals, the holidays are a time when customers use more energy.
An animated snow globe running for a month can add $15 to your energy bill, while many decorations use no energy at all.
FPL is offering 10 easy, safe, and af-fordable ways to save money on your home’s energy bill—just one tip a day! Try implementing the energy saving tips below and read on about how you can use FPL’s free Energy Analyzer tool to pinpoint where you can cut back.
LED is key: LED lights may be more costly upfront, but will save you money. LED lights use 80 to 90 percent less energy and can last 10 times as long.
Check the rating in case your lights need updating: Ensure that outdoor lighting and extension cords are UL-rated (meet nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards) for exterior use. Never use indoor lights outside—although using outdoor lights inside the home is fine.
Set it and forget it: Use automatic timers to control your lights.
Be bright when using lights: Save up to 30 percent by using smart power strips.
Forget the inflatable décor and get crafty: Inflatable decorations can be some of the most expensive holiday decorations in terms of energy usage. Instead, opt for an activity for the kids and make your own wreaths, ribbons, or ornaments.
Give the gift of savings: Give your loved ones and friends energy efficient gifts like a smart thermostat, a solar portable charger, or a LED desk light.
Keep your home cool when the cooking gets hot: Using smaller appliances like the microwave or toaster oven saves money on energy usage.
Unplug to save energy and be present: Unplugging electronics after each use allows you to be present in the moment and save a couple of bucks on your bill.
Make your A/C work smarter not harder: Every degree you increase your A/C can save up to 5 percent on cooling costs? Also, keeping doors closed can block airflow and make your A/C work harder.
Become an Energy Star saver: Select appliances or electronics that are Energy Star-rated. They’ll use 40 percent less energy.
You can monitor and manage your energy use with the FPL Energy Analyzer. This free tool provides an itemized breakdown of energy usage and offers more simple energy- saving tips. Activate your free FPL Energy Analyzer, at manager.html and check back see how these changes can help lower your bill.