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Common Pet Owner Behaviors

It’s a universal truth that pet owners have unique ways of interacting with furry friends. Personally, I’ve developed a few quirks with my three dogs. After giving them treats, I can’t help but show them my empty hands like a Vegas dealer leaving a Blackjack table, exclaiming, ‘All gone!’ When one of them stretches, I […]

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President In PJs

by Lucie Winborne Quetzalcoatlus, the largest known flying animal, was as tall as a giraffe and may have used its powerful fore-limbs to pole-vault into the sky. Cathay Williams became the first African-American woman to serve in the U.S. Army in 1866. Since women were barred from joining the military at the time, she enlisted […]

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Staying Safe

by Matilda Charles I never thought this kind of thing would happen where I live: A woman was kidnapped in front of a store, in broad daylight, by a man carrying a gun. It’s hard to even type those words, so shocked am I to learn of it. To cut to the chase, the woman […]

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Savvy Seniors, Elude Scammers

I n case you wonder if your fellow residents actually experience the kinds of scams we highlight each week, they absolutely do. April was unlucky for some residents who became victims of fraud. Here’s a quick look at a few recent cases that occurred in April, here in Volusia County, and they cost victims thousands […]

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Decorative Silver

Collectors and makers alike know that there are many ways to decorate silver. It can have an engraved design or monogram. It can be pierced or reticulated with lace-like cutouts. A textured design may be hammered, gadrooned, repousse, or made with another technique. Some of the most elaborate and complex decorations on silver are applied; […]

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Straight Down The Middle

The state of Virginia has a long southern border, going east from the Atlantic, the major length of the border being North Carolina. It touches many states and next to the west end there is a special connection to the state of Tennessee and that’s an awesome point of interest. The last several years, Bristol […]

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Aggressive Dogs

by Sam Mazzotta Dear Paw’s Corner: I’ve had to change the time of day that I visit the local dog park, because a new neighbor brings his two huge, aggressive dogs each morning at the same time as I do. They charge other humans, chase and snarl at other dogs, and make it impossible for […]

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Regency Style

Furniture revivals have taken place since at least the 19th century and probably earlier. New technology made earlier ornate styles easier and less expensive to make, and therefore more accessible to the average buyer. Some are difficult to distinguish from authentic pieces. If you see the word style in a description, it is probably a […]

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Strange Behaviors

Do only my dogs sometimes act strange, or is this a common occurrence? Thinking back over the years and recalling every animal I have ever called my friend, I suppose they all had little quirks. My current family unit is no exception. Let’s begin with Mini-Cooper. You may lack information about Mini- Cooper if you […]

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Stay Educated: Avoid Becoming Scam Victim

I often talk with senior residents here in Volusia County about crime and how to avoid becoming victims of crime. Unfortunately, we continue to see criminals targeting seniors—over 60—using impostor phone calls, texts, or e-mails.Here’s a quick reminder of several types of scams: Technology: A computer user receives an e-mail from a “tech” who says […]

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