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Through The Years…

This has been a very strange time, duly noted because of Covid 19 and the resulting Pandemic year that we just endured. It has even altered the picture of America’s gathering of the Census. The first official report was not given and recorded until April. Other reports are scheduled for future dates. A very interesting […]

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Father’s Day Remembered

by George Goldtrap Chicagoan Harry C. Meek is sometimes credited with starting Father’s Day in 1920, but history shows the special day actually predates Mr. Meek by almost 10 years. The creation of this national event actually began with a grateful daughter seeking a unique way to honor her father—William Smart, a Civil War veteran, […]

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New Technology Helps You Stay Informed, Report Crime

Have you ever wondered why our sheriff’s helicopter Air One is flying over your house late at night? Or circling woods off I-4 on a hot afternoon? Now you can find out easily, just by using your smart phone and technology to get these answers in real time, as incidents are actually happening. Your Volusia […]

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When Your Pet Is All You Have

by Barry KuKes Many seniors live alone and have no family except for their faithful furry friend companion. My wife is a pet sitter, and she has many clients who need her assistance to clean litter boxes or walk their dog two to three times a day be-cause they can no longer perform these tasks […]

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What’s In The Stars

Aries (March 21 To April 19) Temper your typical Aries urge to charge into a situation and demand answers. Instead, let the Lamb’s gentler self emerge to deal with a delicate problem. Taurus (April 20 To May 20) You are aware of what’s going on, so continue to stand by your earlier decision, no matter […]

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Brother Murphy’s Laws

by George Goldtrap We have all heard of Murphy’s law. Guess what—Murphy is a preacher and his laws seem to have followed him to church. Consider: The Law Of Study Time. Close the office door and begin study and lesson prep for Sunday and the phone will ring with an emergency.  The Law Of Sunday […]

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What Ever Happened To Baseball Cards?

We have faced a year that included extra time on our hands. Many had to find things of interest to do. It wasn’t long before people were picking up new hobbies. Others found their way back to interesting old ones—like collecting baseball cards. The old favorite hobbies have re-mained or been revitalized in this Pandemic […]

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Revocable Trust Funding

A revocable trust does not avoid probate unless it is “funded.” “Funding” means naming the trust as owner or beneficiary so assets pass automatically to the trust upon death. Any asset not in the trust or passing automatically to the trust upon death will require probate. Describing assets that the trust holds is not sufficient. […]

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Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Turtle nesting season has officially started on May 1, which means hundreds of sea turtles will be emerging from the surf to lay eggs on the beach in the next few months. Although leatherback and loggerhead sea turtle nesting has already begun on other beaches in southern and central Florida, Volusia County managed beaches have […]

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Beware: Online Scam Artists Know Every Trick To Scam Seniors

This week I want to talk about the continuing trend of brazen criminals targeting seniors here in Volusia County with scam phone calls, tricking their victims into sending strangers thousands of dollars. The callers often pretend to be someone legitimate—a computer technician, Amazon representative, even the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, or other government officials. The ruses […]

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