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Flashback—Lady Sings The Blues

by Mick Harper 1. Who released Lady Sings The Blues and when? 2. I’m Still Standing was released on which Elton John album? 3. Which song was the first to rank as No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100? When was that? 4. In 1953, Elvis Presley recorded a double-sided record with My Happiness and […]

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Volusia County’s No Place For Hate Or Intimidation

I’m asking all residents to unite and send a strong message to the group of racist individuals who have recently been harassing people in our community: This county does not tolerate hate. In the wake of recent written antisemitic propaganda being spewed in some of our neighborhoods, I want to reassure everyone that we will […]

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FDIC Insurance On Bank Accounts

We have received inquiries from clients wondering how to maximize protection of accounts in the event of bank failure. While FDIC and banks have published explanations, there is confusion. Each account held in a name different from other accounts has its own $250,000.00 protection. But changing the order of names may not be useful. One […]

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As we add days, months, and even years to our lives, we forget many things… but, it’s amazing the things we remember. With the news of former President Jimmy Carter’s illness and his choice of at home hospice care, it brings forth a memory of when I worked for The News Journal. An unknown individual […]

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Manatee Watch Volunteers Needed

Special to Seniors Today Volusia County is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to participate in Manatee Watch, a program that identifies the presence of manatees in local waterways. Residents who live on the water, spend a lot of time near the water, or are avid boaters are encouraged to become manatee watchers. Manatee Watch coordinators will […]

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Microchip Your Pet

by Barry KuKes Losing your pet can be a traumatic and even tragic event. Conscientious pet guardians protect their pets with collars and ID tags. Unfortunately, collars and ID tags are not foolproof, and dogs and cats can still get lost. Collars can break or fall-off, leaving your be-loved pet among the countless, unidentified lost […]

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Here’s A Tip—Punch Cubes

by JoAnn Derson Make ice cubes out of punch when you are entertaining. I like to make different combinations, which can be adapted for adult and child parties. One that I like very much is to make ice cubes from red fruit punch and then float them in lemonade. As the cubes melt, the mixture […]

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Coal Scuttles

A fireplace takes a lot of watching and feeding if it is going to keep a room warm. Wood-burning fireplaces use logs cut to the right size to fit into the fireplace. A metal basket holds the logs behind andirons, and a fire screen blocks the ashes and cinders from spilling out into the room. […]

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Reminder: Police Don’t Call And Bully You Over Missing Jury Duty

At least two residents recently reported being victimized by imposters who called them, claiming to be from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, and threatened them with arrest for missing jury duty unless they paid thousands of dollars. In both cases, the unsuspecting victims were instructed to buy prepaid credit cards or gift cards to avoid being […]

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Trust Administration Requirements

Many individuals want to avoid probate, and therefore they create a trust and appoint a family member to handle their estate upon their death. However, many of the family members who are appointed have no idea how to handle a trust administration and fail to properly administer the estate, causing anxiety on the part of […]

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