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Chelsea Porcelain

Since 1751, Royal Worcester has been known worldwide for its collections of porcelain goods. It remains one of the oldest producers of tableware and decorative items in England. In the late 19th century, Royal Worcester designed unique pitchers and ewers with handles that were parts of animals or tree branches. Stag horns, dragons, winged creatures, […]

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Living Wills And Do Not Resuscitate Orders

A Living Will provides that life will not be artificially prolonged when there is no hope for recovery. To determine that there is no hope for recovery, the patient’s physician and another consulting physician must determine that the patient has a terminal or end-stage condition, or is in a persistent vegetative state, and there is […]

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2021 Estate and Gift Tax Limits

The IRS imposes a tax on lifetime gifts, called the “gift tax” made in excess of the annual gift tax exclusion, but it rarely results in an actual tax. The gift tax (on lifetime gifts) is related to the estate tax (on gifts made at death). It was established to avoid lifetime transfers from reducing […]

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Going The Extra Mile With Grandkids

by Mary Martinez With longer life expectancy and improved health in the older years, grandparents play an increasingly significant role on children’s’ lives. Sufficiently removed from the pressures of everyday parenting, grandparents can approach their grandchildren in a fun and playful manner, enhancing healthy learning and early development. Involved grandparents can make a huge difference […]

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