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Clipping Creates Cool Cat

It’s official, the summer season is over in the Sunshine State. I know it’s that time of year again because my cat, Slammin’ Sammy, isn’t lounging in front of the back door like a limp welcome mat anymore. Gone are the hot summer days where he preferred sleeping on the cool tile floor inside. Now, he’d rather go outside to wreak havoc in the neighborhood, so, I know fall’s here.

Once the daytime temperatures start their downward slide, Slammin’ Sam begins shedding his summer coat. His thicker, winter coat grows in. All of that extra fur makes him too hot. Cat mamas inherently know these things.

He senses that soon I’ll be going into the bathroom closet and pulling out the dreaded big, black plastic box. The contents of the box will turn Slammin’ Sammy into a ferocious feline, the king of the neighborhood jungle, a leader of the animal kingdom, and the leader of the pack.

Yes, my electric clippers will do all that —and more.

The first year I clipped Slammin’ Sam into a miniature lion, he stood stock still. He let me run the clippers all over him and didn’t complain in the least. I don’t think he really understood what the heck was going on, so he figured it would be safer to stand still.

The second year, well that was a different tale… ah-hem. I tried to clip him, he nosed around just long enough to inspect the contents of the big black box. When I turned on the clippers—he looked at them like a deer caught in the headlights and hightailed it for the fence! Up and over he went. I waited until later in the day when he came inside for his snack. When he left, he was a new man! Albeit fur-less.

He had a big, puffy mane around his head, a shaved body, with puffs of fur on his wrists, ankles, and the tip of his tail. He looked adorable! I think he gave me a look of embarrassment when he went out the door, with his head hung low, to join the other five neighborhood cats. They all hang out on the corner at night.

This year’s de-furring was a breeze, actually. I turned on the clippers and called him over. He didn’t budge. He sat there in his usual sphinx-like pose and gave me that, “You’ve got to be kidding,” look. Then I pulled out a small tray of his favorite treats. I waited until the aroma of tiny salmon-flavored morsels made its way to his highness’ nostrils. After he came over and gobbled up his treat, I grabbed him and clipped away.

The next day, I could tell he was thrilled by not having all that extra fur. Cat mamas know these things. I also know he’s now the coolest cat in the neighborhood.