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Department Of Elder Affairs Launches “We Will Meet You At Home”

Special to Seniors Today

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs’ (DOEA) We Will Meet You At Home campaign is de-signed to ensure every older adult who wants a shot receives a shot.

This initiative builds upon other programs launched throughout the state to provide homebound seniors access to COVID-19 vaccinations. While many of Florida’s older residents have received a COVID-19 vaccination, not every senior is able to leave their home. In these cases, the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and the state’s 11 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are offering seniors access to transportation to go and receive a vaccine.

Elders also have the option of having a health care worker bring the vaccine to their front door. “From the very beginning, Governor DeSantis focused Florida’s vaccination efforts on protecting seniors,” said DOEA Secretary Richard Prudom. “This targeted initiative is an important push to make sure Florida’s homebound individuals have the same opportunity for a vaccination as mobile residents. We’re doing everything possible to ensure every homebound senior has access to a vaccination.”
DOEA’s statewide initiative is distributing over 175,000 informational flyers to older homebound adults requesting more information about vaccines or vaccine access. AAAs made tens of thousands of outbound wellness calls over a 2-month period to identify people requesting more resources.

The Department’s Area Agencies on Aging connect seniors with community providers to get a ride to a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, a grocery store, or another vaccination site.

The local AAAs may also assist in arranging a health care professional to come to the individual’s house to receive a vaccination. If you or someone you know would like assistance with transportation in getting to a COVID-19 vaccination appointment or would like a health provider to bring a shot to your front door, then the Department’s AAAs are here to help.

For information, call 1.800.96 ELDER (800.963.5337) or e-mail homebound