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Eat, Love, Snap, Share

These days, it’s still essential for families to stay connected. The last months have been challenging. More than ever people need family and friends.
Modern technology has gone a long way to help. Skype and Zoom are marvelous tools but when the connection ends and the screen goes blank, what then? My GrandKids, that’s what!

MyGrandKids, a wonderful, free application that allows everyone in the family to snap and share their moment—the special and everyday. Sharing and staying connected is one of the ways that will help all of us get through these difficult times.

My GrandKids lets you instantly share those moments and memories with family and friends over a secure private network. It’s the perfect organizer, that eliminates the frustration of searching for your favorite photos and videos of your grandchildren. With My GrandKids, there is no need going through e-mails, texts, or posts, you go straight to them with one tap. The great news is that it’s free and available at either Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android devices.

Explains Boyd Pearce, a Silicon Valley veteran, “We decided to build a mobile app that made it quick and easy for our kids to share photos and videos of our grandkids so my wife and I would never miss those special moments in their lives.”

Pearce further explains, “We designed My GrandKids to eliminate the frustration of searching for your latest and favorite photos and videos of your grandchildren and solve a problem that has been bugging families since the advent of the digital photo revolution. The app organizes your photos and videos into a handy reference gallery ready to be stored for easy access in self-designed albums. What could easier?

Another key benefit of My GrandKids is that a whole family can easily share linked albums with a single invite. By simply accepting an invite from the originating family member, the family albums are imported and everyone is automatically connected to a secure private network with no setup required.
Almost instantly the whole family is ready to share photos and videos with everyone.