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Everything Old Is New Again…

Our lifestyles have changed so much that the way to stay healthy and in shape is to buy into planned exercises, eat recommended foods, and check out all advertised items and plans before making de- cisions. Then you need to read the warnings on the items.

Our world has come a long way, new ideas, new rules, new leaders, new technology, and so many choices. We are generally very happy with everything new. Then we realize how many liberties have been taken away and how many ways we have gone astray from our basic format that carried with it dreams of an American democracy.

These days it is hard to imagine anyone going anywhere by foot instead of by car. It’s unheard of to visit someone without first calling ahead. You never see clothes drying on the line. Doctors can now sit with their computers to read and tell you what is wrong with you. A cashier doesn’t have to know how much change to give you. The register tells them.

The majority of citizens now have a ‘cause.’ Bullying has become a ‘cause.’ Current or 30-year-old molestation has become a ‘cause.’ Racism still has a way to go though we seen more equality on television, education, etc. It has been over fifty years since that wonderful man Martin Luther King promoted peace among all.

Our local news is mostly presented by women and we are everywhere in the marketplace, yet women have another ‘cause.’ Nowdays we seem to be moving too fast for our own good. We once looked forward to the news but what we see and hear is NO good news. Some now make it a point to stay away from the news.

What is considered to be news? Every day, we hear of the latest battle, murders, thefts, anything the media can latch onto to help keep the ratings up.

Did you live in a time and place where people came in and out of your home all the time and the front door was never locked? Your little brother would be gone all day but would show up in time to eat. Remember playing Ring Around The Roses or Hop

Scotch outside the house, pumping the player piano and singing inside the house when the weather was bad? Did you ever seek solace in an old playhouse or climb up a cherry tree to the roof of the garage in order to be alone?

Yes we have come a long way and we still have a long way to go. There comes a time when everything Old Is New Again…

Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.