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Face Of The Future…

When I approach the computer, I often have no idea what I am about to write. Today, so much was happening regarding the government, politics, and pandemic situations that I had to do a whitewash on my mind.

It didn’t take long, looking at some of my current photos, to decide on the face of our future. This little guy named Oliver is a study in love and appreciation. He comes joyfully to visit— and hardly complains when it’s time to go—the action of thinking is obvious when he sees something new or is asked a question.

I have never seen a tear in his eye —only a huge smile on his face. He has an opinion about everything. It is usually easy to agree with his opinion.
He celebrated his fourth birthday a few weeks ago—first with parents, then with grandparents who have so much love for him. (His Great-grand always puts a sucker on a certain table where he can find it when he drops by for his fifteen minutes on the weekend). When he would leave, he’d go straight to his other great grandmother (GeeGee) and invite her to look at the moon.

As a baby he would sit on his mother’s lap and play the piano, leaving the hope that one day he could play as well as she. Later, he watched soccer games and baseball on television and would drag his dad outside to show him how to play.

In addition to everything else, he loves music. Quite possible he will carry the tune by Pharreill Williams called Happy as a favorite throughout his life. He’s been hearing it since he was a baby and now dances to this catchy tune with someone each time he hears it. The song begins “It might be crazy what I’m about to say… sunshine she’s here, you can take a break… clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.”
Considering the kindness and independence that lives in this one little fellow, we can imagine that when the peoples of the world settle down to reason and good judgment, there will be many ‘Olivers’ working toward the good of all.

These suggestions were posted on Facebook recently and already apply to this young man, for one, who is a positive face of the future:
1. Walk your own path.
2. Don’t hesitate when you should act.
3. Experience what you have learned.
4. Good things don’t come easy.
5. Never fail to try more.
6. Take care of your health early.
7. Make every moment count.
8. Live and let live.
For whoever posted these simple instructions, thank you so much.

Keep your eyes open for the face of the future!

Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.