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Flashback—Mining Disaster

by Mick Harper
1. Name the first rock group to record and release Turn! Turn! Turn!

2. Which group released New York Mining Disaster 1941 as their de-but single?

3. Who was Walden Robert Cassotto?

4. Who wrote The Beat Goes On?

5. Name the song that contains this lyric: I would have waited forever if I’d known that you’d be here.


1. The Byrds, in 1965. The lyrics (written by Pete Seeger) came from the Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. The song is also subtitled To Everything There Is A Season.

2. The Bee Gees, in 1967. Two of the Gibb brothers wrote the song during a power outage at the record company. Their inspiration was the Aberfan disaster in Wales that saw the top of a mountain slide down and kill hundreds when it hit the town.

3. Bobby Darin. His Dream Lover was covered by numerous others, including Dion, and Ricky Nelson.

4. Sonny Bono, of Sonny & Cher, in 1967.

5. One Promise Too Late, by Reba McEntire, in 1987. The song tells of the regret of finally meeting the one she’s dreamed of—after making a promise to someone else. The song topped country charts in both the U.S.