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Florida Power & Light Sponsors Senior Santa

Special to Seniors Today

Our community is so generous in donating toys for children who may not have a Christmas. Businesses and even some of our County Agencies organize toy drop-offs to help hundreds of children in our area. Did you know there are folks that do the same for seniors? This year Florida Power & Light helped sponsor gifts for seniors in assisted living facilities for those who have little family in the area.

Just as with children, without this program some seniors would go without any gifts during the holiday season. Gift tags were created and the residents at Gold Choice communities were asked to list a couple of items they would like to receive.

Then Santa’s Elves went to work. Some of the Elves attend Holy Cross Lutheran Church in South Daytona. Holy Cross be-came aware of such programs and has been helping to provide gifts for seniors for the last several years. Holy Cross Senior Ministry Director, Bonnie Schillinger was able to partner with Florida Power & Light this year to help provide gifts. Schillinger stated, “In recent years Holy Cross has seen the need to help with gifts for seniors. We decided it would be appropriate to support seniors since we have such an active senior ministry at the our church. We were thrilled when we heard Florida Power & Light was going to partner with us this year. We were able to provide for many more seniors.

With the monetary support from Florida Power & Light and Holy Cross Church sponsoring some seniors, we were able to help purchase gifts for one entire community and help with some goodies for their party.

As you can see from the picture, FP&L and Holy Cross came through with loads of gifts to share the joy of the season. Thank you to both of these organizations for putting smiles on many senior faces this year and blessing them during the holidays.