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Forget A Cruise: Get In The Life Boat

by Mitch Booth
In my last article entitled: Let’s Take A Cruise, I invited our community to join us on a cruise, not on the pandemic Titanic, but on the Love Boat. Now with current po-litical and societal unrest combined with a new COVID variant invading our psyches, it is paramount that we all grab our personal flotation devices (PFD) and get into a community life boat to get through the next couple of months. Even though we see help on the horizon in the form of the new vaccines, we are still being reminded by trusted medical researchers that we need to continue employing responsible health promoting practices.

In the last ten months, our stores have implemented the basics: mask wearing, social distancing, and hyper hygiene. We don’t get involved with controversy. We have simply created a life affirming refuge for our customers that has been successful. By following established safe practices, our staff has been free of this viral scourge.

Our staff has made a commitment of delivering WHOLE, contaminant free, organic food seven days a week since the pandemic began. Our goal: provide good food that doesn’t contribute to the preexisting health conditions that have worsened the severity of this crisis. This includes providing nutraceuticals, ie. Vitamin D3 and St. Johns Wort, that help combat depression (see WebMD), strengthen everyone’s immune systems especially those who are immunocompromised: diabetics, those on chemo/radiation, or asthmatics to name just a few.

To help us be effective in this commitment, we have partnered with local farmers to access fresh, organic produce. We have partnered with supplement suppliers who are in the forefront of nutraceutical science.
To help with depression, we joined with Dr. Peter Acs, M.D. with his PowerNerve developed for chemo patients and made right here in Gainesville. We still have this product on promotion with free samples available. We have championed an herb, Andrographis EP80, documented by medical historians that showed it was successful in ameliorating the severity of the 1918 flu in Asia and now being used in Thailand.

It is currently their first line of defense against COVID having been approved by their Health Ministry while they’re waiting for the vaccines.
Come in and get a free 80 page booklet on Andrographis by Dr. Alex Panossian, PhD.

There is no partnership more valuable than our association with Canada’s Natural Factors. For over twenty one years, we have featured products like their Lung, Bronchial, and Sinus Health. When it comes to COVID, that says it all.

Their WellBetX line has supported healthier A1C numbers and blood sugar levels of diabetics. Their flagship 3 Brains line has been my go to formula for optimal mind/body/spirit support for the incredible stressors every reader is struggling with. Their decision to combine five critical supplements into one cello-package makes it so easy to follow a great program of daily dietary support. Just add their Best-Sleep formula if life stresses are keeping you from restorative sleep.

I recommend their book called Three Brains by Dr. Karen Jensen which outlines how to maintain this delicate balance between mental, emotional, and physical health. I have been recommending N.F.’s Ant-V Formula since day one of this pandemic. It has been used effectively for years to fight the seasonal flu. Available in both liquid and capsules, I have written several articles devoted to this which can be found on our website under Mitch’s articles.

I have saved the best for last. Natural Factor’s commitment to local natural food stores has allowed us to offer their entire product line at 25 percent off for the entire month of January.

In addition, Love Whole Foods will be offering Natural Factor’s All In One Immunity kit at 50 percent off! Just twenty bucks provides a month’s supply of zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, as well as their proprietary 10X Quercetin in the Lipo Micel matrix for optimal absorption.

For less than you’d pay for just Vitamin C you get an entire Immunity PFD to keep your life boat floating for an entire month. Row on over to either store, Ormond Beach or Port Orange.

Stay safe, stay positive, and keep on rowing!

With love from the entire staff of Love Whole Foods: Cafes and Markets

Mitch Booth is the owner of Love Whole Foods in Ormond Beach and Port Orange—the area’s largest organic and gluten free food stores.