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From The 50s To Now..

In small towns throughout America, crowds of teens would go walking across town to go roller skating or attend a Football game during the 50s.
When guys found themselves with drivers licenses and the use of the family car, they walked less and drove more.

Many things became possible. Unfortunately smoking became a habit for many teens, one that some have yet to overcome. It was like a right of passage to seek Dad’s cigarette package and find out how and why he enjoyed smoking.
Talk at the dinner table became serious as dads wondered if they would be drafted into a new conflict. It had to do with the fact that North Korean forces invaded South

Korea and captured Seoul. McArthur was ap-pointed commander of the U.N. forces and we were again at war, recapturing Seoul.

Atomic Energy Commission got permission to manufacture H-bombs.
The U.N. forces captured Heartbreak Ridge, north of Yanguu, and armistice negotiations began at Panmunjon, but failed.

About the same time, a law was made that the terms of a U.S. President would become a maximum of two terms (8 years).

Having served for years, General Mc-Arthur was relieved of his Far East command.
It was 1953 when Elizabeth became Queen of England, following the death of her father, King George IV. Queen Elizabeth II, successfully served England for many years,’til 2023.

There were so many things that it would take a book to review all that happened in the 50s, but one of the special things was Hawaii becoming the 50th state of the United States in 1959.

Now, in 2023, many of our Vietnam veterans are the senior residents of Veterans Nursing Homes, dearly regarded and regularly receiving our many blessings and thanks for their service in such a time of need.
If I had the book that was started so long ago, the next chapters of Born Coping could be technologic findings and all the things we have worked for the last half century.

For now, we are facing many problems never faced before. Do keep the faith and love of country always.

Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.