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Health Benefits Of Dog Beds

by Barry KuKes
Did you know there are many benefits of giving your dog a bed and training it to sleep in its bed?
Making sure the dog has a safe and cozy bed should be your top priority. If your pup has trouble sleeping in his bed, you may be debating whether or not it is acceptable to let him sleep in yours instead or on the floor. The problem is that sharing a bed with your little buddy reduces your sleep quality for both of you. Your dog needs a place to sleep, so get one for him. This column will discuss the five benefits of getting a dog bed for your precious pup.

Providing a safe place for your dog to sleep has numerous benefits, including protecting them from harm and promoting their well-being. Check out these five terrific perks of providing a bed for your puppy;

  1. Boost Their Immune System—Al-though it is common knowledge that adult dogs need about 12 hours of sleep per day, puppies and senior dogs often sleep longer.
    For your puppy to function at its best, it must get quality sleep during these periods of downtime.
    Supplying your dog with a cozy bed at night will relax its mind and boost its immune system, which is essential to its growth and development. Therefore, he must be shown how to make the most of his sleeping space.
  2. Helps Shape Responsible Behavior—If you don’t want your dog on your bed or couch, you should provide him with a suitable alternative.
    Teaching him that his bed is his place to rest is the best way to prevent him from encroaching on his personal space. The dog can be trained to stay in bed even when exciting things happen, such as when company arrives, or dinner is served.
  3. Utilized Effectively As A Mask—Dogs of all sizes and personalities can be frightened by seemingly innocuous things, such as a loud noise from the street. If your furry friend has his bedroom, he can quickly and easily find a haven if he ever feels threatened elsewhere in the house. The dog’s bed works well as a hiding spot be-cause he is already familiar with it.
  4. Reducing The Risk Of Harm—There is a risk that your dog will sustain an injury if he attempts to sleep on a human couch, bed, or on top of a human trainer who is not designed to accommodate the canine weight. His bed is on the ground, your pet can sleep peacefully. Having a safe place for your dog to sleep can make you feel better about leaving them alone in the house, where there are many potential dangers.
    Also, allowing your dog to sleep on its bed reduces the risk of harmful bed visitors because when your dog sleeps there every day, it will warrant you washing the covering regularly, preventing harmful bed visitors from living on your dog’s bed.
  5. Keeps Your Dog Warm By Acting As Insulation—Special beds for puppies made from thermal material (typically cotton) are more comfortable and effective at preserving the pups’ core temperature. This sort of warmth and coziness is essential for pets in the colder months. If they spend the night in a cold place, their health will suffer. They sleep better in their own space than if they had to share a bed with their owners because it is more like home.

Getting a dog bed is the best option if you’re sick of picking your dog’s hair out of your couch cushions and sweaters. There’s a greater chance your dog will choose to nap on his bed inside the house than anywhere else. You can finally have a clean house when you get your dog a bed.

A bed will help your dog adjust more quickly and easily, as it will be a constant reference point in the rest of the house. Choosing the most suitable location in the house for your dog bed is a sensible and considerate move. Lastly, please remember to adopt, don’t shop.

Barry KuKes is the Community Outreach Director for the Halifax Humane Society. You can reach Barry at 386.274.4703, ext. 320, or