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Helpful Information After The Death Of An Individual

People often find themselves overwhelmed by the tasks they have to complete when a loved one passes away. Therefore, the below is a list of helpful information to aid during a difficult time:

  1. Locate the deceased person’s original Last Will and Testament and/or Trust.
  2. Notify Social Security and apply for applicable death benefits.
  3.  Notify Veteran’s Administration and apply for applicable benefits (800) 827-1000 (only if the decedent was a member of any of the Armed Services).
  4. Notify insurance companies (life/health/ disability/travel/accident).
  5. Notify retirement and/or pension benefits administrator.
  6. Notify accountant or income tax preparer.
  7. Notify credit agencies to avoid identify theft (these include, but are not limited to: Equifax; Experian; Transunion).
  8. Notify all credit card companies. This includes (a) canceling ALL individually held credit card accounts of the deceased and (b) change ALL jointly held credit card accounts.
  9. Apply for applicable benefits. These include, but are not limited to: worker’s compensation benefits; civil services benefits (888) 767-6738; railroad retirement; state retirement.
  10. Banking—Consider how to handle jointly held accounts:
    a. We recommend keeping the decedent’s
    name on one of the accounts.
    b. Review automatic deposits and with-
    drawals to determine if they should
    be stopped.
    c. Determine ownership of safe
    deposit box(es).
    d. Establish current ownership of all mort-
    gages, personal loans, etc.
    e. Find out if any of the decedent’s loans,
    credit cards, or mortgage(s) are covered
    by credit insurance or death and disabil-
    ity insurance.
  11. Investments:
    a. Change ownership of jointly held stock.
    b. Submit claim as beneficiary on IRA
    retirement accounts.
    c. Transfer bonds
    d. Mutual funds
  12. Department of Motor Vehicles—Transfer titles of all registered vehicles, mobile ho- mes, boats, motor homes, motorcycles, etc.
  13. Real Estate—If real property was owned by the decedent with another person contact an attorney to assist.
  14. Cancel Decedent’s Driver License and Voter’s Registration Card.
    Attorney Michael A. Pyle, of Pyle, Del-linger & Duz, PLLC. 1655 North Clyde Morris Blvd., Ste. 1, Daytona Beach. Phone: 386.615.9007. E-mail: mikep@pylelegal. com or website: