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Here’s An Tip

by JoAnn Derson

  • Store sewing patterns in plastic baggies. It’s hard to get them back into their envelopes, and I find that the baggies store just as well. I keep my pattern from tearing by spraying them with spray starch. I also sharpen needles by stitching through very fine sandpaper. These tips have worked for me for many years.
    —S.R. in Idaho
  • It’s almost time for Scouts to start up again. I have been washing uniforms and sashes, and find this trick to be helpful when it comes time to stitch on badges. Put a bit of plain school glue on the back of your badge, place
    it where you want it on the sash, then let it dry. It will stay in place long enough to stitch the edges. When you launder it, the glue will wash right out.
    —R.D. in Florida
  • Solve the case of the tricky screw: Coat problem screws with clear fingernail polish right before you insert them. They will hold tighter.
  • To keep hair shiny and soft, rinse weekly with a mix of half vinegar (apple cider or white) and water. The smell goes away quickly, but the softness and shine stick around.
  • If you have a cracked or otherwise leaking vase that is opaque (not glass), try heating a bit of paraffin wax and coating the inside of the vase with it. Let it harden, and it should be watertight again.
  •  To keep plywood or thin materials from splitting, I tape my cut line with low-tack masking tape. It keeps my cut sharp, reduces the fraying, and it’s easy to remove when I’m done.
    —G.S. in Minnesota

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