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It Takes Two…

In 1952, songwriters Al Hoffman and Dick Manning wrote It Takes Two To Tango. As we reach our mature years, we learn that it takes two to accomplish most things, the greatest of these—finishing a sentence. Just don’t know what one would do if, in the middle of a statement when the main word goes missing, your good friend or family member wasn’t there to fill in the blank.

Like they say, You can haunt any house by yourself, Be a man or a mouse by yourself, You can act like a king on a throne, There are lots of things that you can do alone. Sometimes it takes two—just to finish the sentence!

Sitting at Cracker Barrel with my friend Mary, we talked about many things. Each of us totally understood what the other was trying to say… waiting to fill in the missing words. Example: “We were walking down the brick (blank) on the way to the (blank) when a car came by and splashed us with muddy water!” Missing words supplied by friend, were pathway and orthodontist.

You can sail on a ship by yourself, Take a nap or nip by yourself,
You can get into debt on your own, There are lots of things that you can do alone.
Sometimes it takes two—just to finish the sentence!

Walking through the mall, two ladies, Sarah and Betty, were discussing an upcoming event when Betty said she couldn’t be there because: “We are planning a cruise out of Port (blank)—you know, the place where Kennedy Space Center is located—we were going on the ship that’s named after (blank), the guy whose park names end in ‘world’ and ‘land.’” Sarah filled in the blanks with Canaveral and Disney.

You can get very old by yourself, Catch a fish or a cold by yourself, Dig a ditch or strike it rich all by yourself, There are lots of things that you can do alone But sometimes it takes two —just to finish the sentence!
When the lottery came to Florida, two ladies went to get a couple of scratch-offs during their lunch break. One searched for a penny to scratch her ticket. To her amazement, she found that her ticket indicated a win of $1,000! Through the years, because of her big win, she said she became (blank) to playing the lottery for the education and (blank) of our school children. Did she mean addicted and advancement?’ (She gave it all back over the years hoping to win again).

You can fight like a champ by yourself, You can lick any stamp by yourself, You can be very brave on the phone, There are lots of things that you can do alone,
It sometimes takes two—just to finish the sentence!

These days, about 70 percent of the phone calls are from (blank) who have something to sell or (blank). The advantage is that many people have jobs as a result of these things. How you handle the calls is up to you. Oh, yes the missing words: telemarketers and negotiate.

Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people seem real smart until they open their mouths to speak. Everything we’ve learned is all in there but the years of acquired knowledge take up lots of space. Thank goodness, as we become mature adults, we have the advantage of good friends to jump in and finish a sentence now and then. Yes, sometimes it takes two.

Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.