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Less Is More…

The grandmother had become overwhelmed with all she had accumulated over the years. When someone said to her “less is more,” she began to consider how she could downsize and rid herself of all the things she had acquired through the years and no longer needed. She remembered when she was young, admiring things in her parents home that she felt she would like to have someday to bring to her own home. The patterns of life had changed so drastically. Now young people bought the things they liked and weren’t very interested in what they might someday inherit.

After much consideration, the woman asked her children to help her sell her home and all her unnecessary belongings. They took on the project and in short order, they had helped her find a place and taken full responsibility for her move into an apartment.

The building she chose is very large, well kept, and houses many independent older people. The apartments are available in several sizes. They have all kinds of services including serving three meals a day, cleaning your apartment, changing the beds, and providing towels and wash cloths as needed. That’s just part of the services provided—like available connection for television and computer services and the help of the terrific employees.

One day, after the woman had been in her new place a few weeks, she had gone out and, among her purchases had a special gift for her grandson. She asked if her daughter would bring the little boy by, when she had a chance, to pick up his gift. After conversing, she agreed to bring the little guy over on the weekend.

When the weekend arrived, she began driving to the apartment. He thought she was going in the wrong direction. He complained about it and she explained that grandmother had moved. So he settled down and waited.
When she turned in to the large, well kept building, the little boy asked why they were there and was told they had arrived at their destination. He said “WOW! Her house is huge!” He was anxious to explore the place.
Once inside, the lad was greeted cheerfully by several residents and he invited them to go with him, actually to race with him down the hallway.
Hmmm. Some things we mustn’t do.
After your family has grown and set up their new lives, it becomes necessary to re-plan your lifestyle. Many who now have sold their homes and opted for apartments have re-acquired their socialized existence. That’s very important and very nice.

Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.