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Lesser Known Deaths In 2020

by Jason Goldtrap
As we say good riddance to 2020 let’s take a moment to remember those often overlooked in the traditional year in review. There were 35 soldiers who died this year defending freedom and 209 police officers died in the line of duty.

Rosalind P. Walter, 95, inspired the song Rosie The Riveter. Robert Thacker, 102, inadvertently flew unarmed into the attack on Pearl Harbor, he flew in Europe and then over Japan, he piloted a B-29 in Korea and flew reconnaissance over Vietnam.

Edd Byrnes was a valet constantly combing his hair on 77 Sunset Strip. Daniel Goldman, 80, voiced Brainy Smurf. Diana Serrano Cary, 101, was the last living film star of the Silent Era and the last person to meet President Calvin Coolidge. Bonni Lou Kern, 79, was a Mouseketeer. Carol Arthur, 85, was the outspoken school teacher in Blazing Saddles. Rebecca Luker, 59, was Sister Agnes in Boardwalk Empire.

Jack Burns, 86, was the ill-fated deputy Warren on the Andy Griffith Show. M*A*S*H connections: Gene Reynolds, 96, produced it. Timothy Brown, 82, was Spearchucker Jones. Kellye Nakahara, 72, was a faithful nurse. Stuart Whitman, 92, fought in The Longest Day. Scrubs lawyer Ted Buckland was portrayed by Sam Lloyd, 56. Michael Angelis, 76, narrated Thomas The Tank Engine. Paul Bear Vasquez, 57, became a viral video star for crying about a double rainbow! Tom Kennedy, 93, hosted Name That Tune from 1974-1981. Don Marion Davis, 103, was a child star of silent films.

Steve Martin Caro, 71, lead singer of The Left Banke, pleaded (Don’t) Walk Away Renee. Phil Phillips, 94, bade his love to visit The Sea Of Love. Carl Dobkins Jr., 79, professed My Heart Is An Open Book. Bobby Lewis, 95, was Tossin’ And Turnin’ all night. Benny Mardones, 73, crooned If I Could Fly I’d Lift You Up. Wayne Fontana, 74, wanted us to play The Game Of Love. Roy Head, 79, insisted we Treat Her Right. Johnny Nash, 80, looked all around and saw nothing but Blue Skies. Hal Ketchum, 67, took us along on a Small Town Saturday Night. Doug Super- naw, 60, let the world know I Don’t Call Him Daddy. For Len Barry, 78, falling in love was easy as 1-2-3. John Ecstasy Fletcher, 56, lead singer of the Rap group Whodini proclaimed The Freaks Come Out At Night.

Ja’Net Dubois, 87, sang the theme song to The Jeffersons. Cristina, 64, sang for a Disco Clone. Farewell Vera Lynn, 103, We’ll Meet Again at The White Cliffs Of Dover. Astrid Krishherr, 81, gave the Beatles their moptop haircuts. Marge Champion, 101, was the model for Snow White. Viola Smith, 107, was a noted drummer. Margie Bowes, 79, cried Poor Old Heartsick Me. K. T. Oslin, 78, sang for 80’s Ladies.

William Roosevelt Jerman, 91, was the butler for 11 Presidents. Jack Van Impe, 88, was a late-night televangelist. Dave McCoy, 104, created the first modern American ski resort at Mammoth Mountain. The mathematics space career of Katherine Johnson, 101, was portrayed in the film Hidden Figures. If you’ve dialed an incorrect phone number you heard the voice of Joyce Gordon, 90. Joe Coulombe, 89, founded Trader Joe’s. Bill Palmer, 70, co-founded Applebees. Frank Carney, 82, co-founded Pizza Hut.

Bobbie Batista, 67, anchored CNN for 20 years. Wendell Goler, 70, was the White House correspondent for Fox News. Irene Triplett, 90, was the last person to receive a Civil War pension. Larry Tesler, 74, invented the copy/ paste function for computers. Sprinter Bobby Morrow, 84, won 3 Gold medals in the 1956 Olympics. Ryan Capes, 40, jumped a motorcycle 391 feet. Ralph Hudson, 69, rode a motorcycle 297 mph.

Wayne Mixson, 98, was Florida governor for 3 days. Gerald Shur, 86, created the federal Witness Protection Program. Lyon Tyler, 95, was the grandson of the 10th President, John Tyler. Cecilia Chiang, 100, brought authentic Chinese food to America.

Cristo, 84, was an amazing artist creating giant fabric, vivid pink in natural landscapes most notably Surrounded Islands in Miami. The World’s largest buffalo was sculpted by Elmer Petersen, 92. Marge Champion, 101, was the model for Snow White. The Amazing Randi, 92, busted psychics.

Finally, Mad Mike Hughes launched in a homemade rocket to prove his theory that the Earth was flat: he was 64.