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Midnight Hour

by Mick Harper

  1. Which artist released Come And Stay With Me?
  2. Believe It Or Not was the theme song on which television program?
  3. Name the singer-songwriter who wrote and released In The Midnight Hour.
  4. Who wrote and released Lay Down Beside Me?
  5. Name the song that contains these lyrics: Looks like it’s over, you knew I couldn’t stay, She’s comin’ home today.


  1. Marianne Faithfull, in 1965. The song was also covered by Cher on her own debut solo album the same year.
  2. The Greatest American Hero, from 1981 to 1983. Sung by Joey Scarbury, the song climbed to No. 2 on the Billboard charts. Scarbury never did find major success as a singer (although he deserved it); instead, making a name for himself writing music for other artists.
  3.  Wilson Pickett, in 1965. The song has been widely covered by artists around the globe, including Bruce Springsteen, The Grateful Dead, and Tina Turner.
  4. Don Williams, in 1979.
  5. Sad Eyes, by Robert John, in 1979. While most songs to reach the top of pop charts at that time were disco, Sad Eyes was the non-disco song that helped fuel a turn against disco. It deserves a listen if only for that reason.