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Old Friends

Special to Seniors Today

Old Friends (Endless Love) is a collection of unique love stories between old men, old women, old fri-ends, old dogs, even an old wolf. Stories from heaven, stories about heaven, stories about heaven on earth; stories of love that lasted a lifetime, stories of love that happens once in a lifetime. Stories that could not have been written without the help of a lot of good people—old friends who shared their wit, their wisdom, and their memories.

Sam Severn is a New York Times Best Selling Ghost Writer and Screenwriter. He wrote… “Old Friends doesn’t feel like it was written; it feels like it rained down on you from heaven. The stories feel sacred. The stories feel holy. The love you’ve poured onto every page is soaked in divine compassion and an inextinguishable fire for the grace in growing old.”

Best-Selling Amazon author, Kate Anslinger wrote this—“Each of the stories in this book tugged on a piece of my heart. I was left feeling grateful and inspired to live every day to the fullest.”

The author, William McDonald is an Emmy Award winning writer whose documentary writing includes audio books of several Turner Classic movies and the Christmas Special, I’d Like To Wrap Up A Dream For You All —all syndicated worldwide. He was a songwriter, director for the international touring group, Up With People, and is the author of more than fifty Ebooks for Reading Town, New York, and The Butterfly Christmas, now on Jenna Bush Hager’s books to read list.

He spends several hours each week as a caregiver for seniors and writes full time from his home in Colorado.

Old Friends (Endless Love) is an Amazon exclusive, available at