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Once Upon A Time Remember When…

by Arlene Darrigo
“Hi, Ho Silver” told us that the Lone Ranger and his faithful side-kick Tonto was on the radio? Re-member Mr. Keen-Tracer of lost persons, Major Bowles & His Amateur Hour, Inter-sanctum, and the Shadow?
Remember when getting high meant climbing up a ladder, the Jitterbug was not a nervous insect, and all school desks had ink wells?
Remember when everything was swell, groovy, or coming up roses?
How about a time when faith in a man’s hand shake closed a business transaction and his word was the only bond needed to secure it? When neighbors willingly helped each other and the pride in a job well done was their only reward—and it was sufficient?
Remember the delicious aroma of fresh baked bread set out to cool and the sweet taste of real country churned butter?
Remember the excitement of watching grandma making ice-cream on the back porch using icicles hanging from the roof? If you stayed real close and timed it right we’d be chosen to lick the spinners when she finished.
Remember the sound of cow bells in the distance, the call of a whippoorwill, and catching fireflies in a jar?
Remember the flicker of a kerosene lamp dancing on the wall as we said our prayers, drifting off to sleep safe and snug in grandma’s big four poster feather bed, as the melody of peepers filled the night air?

Now just memories of times long past.
But they were good—just too good to last
Yes, times long gone—how sad indeed
But oh,—how clear and sweet the memory
Our Once Upon A Time