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by Mick Harper

  1. Name the debut album of Curiosity Killed The Cat.
  2. Who was Tom Dooley (of Kingston Trio 1958 song fame) and what did he do?
  3. Name the ’50s artist who wrote and released the song, Island In The Sun.
  4. How and when do you know if you are a Parrothead?
  5. Name the song that contains these lyrics: The scales are sometimes unbalanced, And you bear the weight of all that has to be.


  1. Keep Your Distance, released in 1987. The album topped the charts in the U.K., but the individual songs did not do as well.
  2. Tom Dula was a North Carolina soldier in the Civil War who’d killed his girlfriend. A politician lured Dula to his farm for work and Dula was captured and hanged.
  3. Harry Belafonte, in  1957. The song was also used in the film by the same name, which was taken from the 1956 novel of the same name.
  4. If you wear Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats to Jimmy Buffet concerts, then you are a Parrothead.
  5. Giving You The Best That I Got, by Anita Baker in 1988. It got four nominations and netted two Grammy awards: Best R&B Song and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.