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Racing For Rescues Announces Stop At Halifax Humane Society

Racing For Rescues is pleased to announce that Halifax Humane Society is the first stop on its season-long tour. A trailer of supplies will be taken to the facility as part of Zachary Tinkle’s road trip to Daytona to race in the NASCAR® ARCA Menards Series Lucas Oil 200 at Daytona International Speedway.

In a previous announcement, Grateful Rescue and race car driver Zachary Tinkle announced a collaboration to take trailers full of supplies to pet rescues in several cities where Zachary races during the 2022 season.

“We are so grateful to Zachary Tinkle Racing for their generous donation of pet food and supplies for the homeless animals at Halifax Humane Society (HHS). Without the kindness of donors like Zachary, we couldn’t survive,” said Barry KuKes, Community Outreach Director.

When asked about how Halifax Humane Society was selected as the first stop on the Racing for Rescues tour, Pamela Terhune, Founder of Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary said, “We chose Halifax Humane Society for our Racing to the Rescue recipient because of the many attributes they possess which align so closely with Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary’s mission. Halifax offers much more than adoption services. They offer education services, one of our biggest programs at Grateful. From speaking engagements for children up to Internships for young adults, community support is an important service we hold close to our hearts, as does Halifax Humane Society.

The Humane Society also offers many services for business and pleasure! Dog training, grooming, birthday parties, a spay/neuter clinic, and even a thrift and gift store. All are included in our plans for expansion and it’s a joy to see it in action at another facility that believes in offering more than just adoption. Halifax offers an experience. This is our dream, soon to be our reality, too.

Thank you, Halifax Humane Society, for your dedication and love for all furry companions. We appreciate you!!