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Rude America

I turned on the television and saw that they were in the middle of a discussion about Rude America. I wish I had seen it all for I have been very aware of a difference in our America of a few years ago and America as it is today.

They were talking about how people use the Internet to display words, thoughts, and pictures that they would not think of using or showing in person. How true. I have become aware of what I still call filthy language displayed by people I would never have expected would say such things. I go to

Facebook on rare occasions and words I never allow to pass through my mind are clearly written and often defined. Unfortunately, those who dare to write one of them say: “It’s just a word.”

Facebook also tells you who is getting along in a relationship as often as it tells you that a friend has a new grandchild. I get notifications on e-mail from Facebook. Occasionally I go there to see a message that a friend has for me. Otherwise I stay away from learning shocking news of people I may know and care about.

From using unheard-of language on the Internet, many have taken it to the workplace. It began with the young and became absorbed by others who once judged such a word or action as a no-no.
This should not come as a surprise, for most books I have read in the last few years are on the edge. I developed a habit of anticipating words I didn’t approve of and jumping past them.

I vaguely remember a ‘censorship’ board being in place long long ago. It was probably in regard to what could be used in movies. Everyone was shocked and surprised when Rhett Butler, at the end of Gone With The Wind was heard to say: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a d­____” oooh! Shock!

We are hit daily with rude, ‘paid for’ ads from politicians who spend more time slamming each other than telling us what we want to know in regard to who will be running our government. We are definitely encouraged to vote, and that we will, but how wonderful our world would be if we could feel we have clear and decisive opinions that take us to the polls.

We have begun to reach hard for the good in people for everything we are is out there now for the world to see and judge. Sometimes we wonder if judgment is now ‘gone with the wind.’

Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.