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Scrabble Turns 50

by Lucie Winborne

• The first 72 hours in jail pose the highest risk of death for an inmate, for any reason.

• The cat in The Godfather was a stray that director Francis Ford Coppola found in the studio and handed to Marlon Brando before the shot. The animal took a shine to Brando and settled in his lap, purring so loudly that the crew was afraid the noise would drown out the dialogue!

• Speaking of cats—cheetahs communicate with house cat-like meows rather than roars like most big cats.

• Benjamin Franklin sold chocolate in his print shop in Philadelphia.
• Forget about whether pineapple be-longs on a pizza—how about snake? For a limited time snake will be on Pizza Hut’s menu in Hong Kong, as the restaurant partners with another eatery known for its snake stew.

• Researchers at George Washington University found that the skin behind our ears and between our toes has a different set of microbes than those found on more frequently washed areas, so heed Mama’s advice and don’t forget to scrub them.

• For Scrabble’s 50th anniversary in 1988, a giant game utilizing six-foot tiles that required two large men to lift was played in Britain’s Wembley Stadium.