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Should You Pay For Dog Training?

by Sam Mazzotta

Dear Paw’s Corner: I love my new puppy, Star. He is so easy to train, listens to my commands, and his potty training is going well. Still, I’m wondering if we should also work with a professional trainer. He has some resistance issues to certain commands, and he is a bit reactive to other dogs. Is this normal, or should I pay for training? —Ricardo G., Orlando, Florida

Dear Ricardo: A good trainer can look at the most obedient dog in the world and find behaviors to work on. That’s because no dog is perfect, and neither are we.
It sounds like you’re doing a great job with Star, and you want to continue to level up his behavior training. This is a caring and responsible thing to do.

You’ve got a few training options to consider. While I personally prefer to train alongside my dog in a group or one-on-one training session, I have friends who send their dog to day camp where they receive obedience training and socialization while they’re away at work. Others send their dogs to intensive one- to two-week programs.

You’ll want to check out a potential trainer or training school carefully be-fore committing. Dog training can take a chunk out of your budget, so you’ll want to be sure that Star is getting the training he needs. Meet with a trainer in person, with Star beside you, to chat with them about what you’d like to achieve in training and get a feel for how well the trainer works with Star.

Best of luck! I know that Star will do great.

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