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Song List

by Samantha Weaver

• In 2003, a community in New Jersey experienced an animal-related electrical outage. Such occurrences were certainly not rare, but this incident was notable for being the first time an osprey was known to be involved or, rather, a fish: The bird had dropped its scaly prey on the power lines.

• Slovenia boasts a most impressive 28,000 wineries, amounting to one winery for every 75 persons in the whole country.

• Ever hear “things that go bump in the night” at your house? Before you call an exorcist, keep in mind that several cases of residential paranormal activity have actually turned out to be the result of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause hallucinations and feelings of dread.

• The Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum dinosaur’s neck measured 50 feet —six times longer than a giraffe!

• When he was in his 50s, Steven Spielberg re-enrolled at California State, Long Beach to finish his B.A. degree three decades after dropping out. The school awarded him three course credits in paleontology for making Jurassic Park.

• Japan’s gyoza cider is a soda designed to taste like gyoza dumplings.

• In 2018, one of Stephen Hawking’s older wheelchairs was auctioned off for $387,000, with proceeds donated to his favorite charities.

• Basketball backboards were invented to keep overly enthusiastic fans from interfering with a game after some spectators, early in the sport’s history, leaned over railings in an effort to deflect or catch the ball.

• New York-Presbyterian Hospital has created a Spotify playlist called Songs To Do CPR To, featuring hits by artists ranging from the Bee Gees to Justin Bieber.