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Test Your Music Knowledge

by Mick Harper

1. Who released Lady Sings The Blues and when?

2. I’m Still Standing was released on which Elton John album?

3. Which song was the first to rank as No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100? When was that?

4. In 1953, Elvis Presley recorded a double-sided record with My Happiness and That’s When Your Heart-aches Begin. Who was the record for?

5. Name the song that contains these lyrics: Too many long conversations and no one is hearin’ a word.

1. Diana Ross, in 1972. The song was on the double soundtrack album for the film of the same name, a biopic about singer Billie Holiday.

2. Too Low For Zero, in 1983. The song did well on the charts, helped by an MTV video.
3. Poor Little Fool, by Ricky Nelson, in 1958. The first thing Billboard ranked, however, wasn’t records, it was sheet music, in 1913. Records weren’t listed until 1936.
4. His mother, as a birthday present. Presley paid $3.98 for the recording fee.
5. Dancin’ Shoes, by Nigel Olsson, in 1978. Olsson got his start in England with the Plastic Penny band and eventually collaborated with Elton John, Neil Sedaka, Rod Stewart, and several others on numerous albums.