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The Art Of Downsizing…

I n the year 2022, downsizing is the most difficult thing to do. Your children are gone to their own homes and have added spouses and families. All the things you once planned to pass on to them are no longer desired for they have been re-placed with new items. Their favorite things in their original home, during their growing years, no longer matters.

You look around and realize that you have accumulated about 50 years of treasures that no longer have meaning to your children. You wish you had help in going through and throwing away at least half of the things you find. There seems to be no solution. Then you remember… almost anything is mentioned on the computer!

Going to your favorite browser, you seek the word Downsizing and up it comes with a half dozen pages to be read. So, first you read the categories as they are set:

  • Start as soon as possible and
    pace yourself
  • Focus on one room at a time
  • Measure out your new space
  • Consider your new lifestyle
  • Set clear decluttering ground rules
  • Divvy and offer up sentimental items
  • Sell or donate non-sentimental items
  • Organize and digitize as you go
  • Repurpose or memorialize items
  • Bring in help if needed

This list is only the headings. Each is followed by several paragraphs of helpful information and, so far, the last category is the favorite.

Opening a desk drawer, you find about five dozen pens and pencils that probably don’t work anymore. Under them are old, old newspaper articles that you have to take time to read to determine their importance. One is from 1997 and makes references to 1949 Life magazine articles. Hmmm, that may be worth reading since it is immediately following WWII.
That effort took a half hour of time for it was interesting to learn that sandals were first made in 1949 and that corny, ugly feet now had an opportunity of looking good, having been uncovered.

The bed linens have been cleaned and set aside. Seven dresser and bedside drawers were emptied and more than half of each was saved again (the rest was dumped in the floor to be examined and maybe discarded). There has to be a time of Redownsizing in the works.
It seemed the appropriate time, just before the start of a new year, to go out with the old and… in with the new (or keep the rest)!

So far, I have been following rules and pacing myself. I really have trouble parting with almost everything! That makes pacing a natural thing to do.

I have a daughter in Georgia who says they have downsized and she is very happy living with far less clutter. I am looking forward to her coming down to show me a thing or two.
Perhaps in uncluttering our habitats, we will also dispose of some of the terrible germs we have carried around for the last two years. Then we can look forward to a great new year of reuniting and powering up our country to what we have been accustomed to.

To you and yours… happy new year!


Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.