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The Best Christmas Ever!

“The Best Christmas Every!” was written by Kitty Maiden and has appeared in ‘Senior Today’ in
previous years. Enjoy!

The little girl was born to be a child who loved a Christmas tree;
All the treasures Santa brings… a doll, some toys, stocking things.
She’d crawl under the tree to find a music box that she could wind;
A baby doll so sleepy-eyed, that wet its pants and really cried.
She was too young to say it then but her sweet face had such a grin
That when the family looked her way, she’d smile at them as if to say:

“This is the best Christmas ever!”

When she became a toddler, she helped decorate the Christmas tree,
Preparing for that special day when Santa Claus would come her way.
She’d follow Daddy round the yard, watching as he worked so hard
Stringing lights to set the scene… wondering what does it mean?
She found it just a bit confusing; Santa Claus was quite amusing,
But what of Jesus wondrous birth and hymns proclaiming Peace On Earth?

Her Dad took extra special care and from the Bible he did share,
“The baby’s birth a time of joy when in the manger a little boy
Was born… the Son of God you see; Savior of the world, to be.”
Her love and faith in Daddy’s way; Just made her think of how to say…
With joy and wonder in her heart, her special words she would impart:

“This is the best Christmas ever!”

For her, when starting school she found many children all around
Who had feelings same as she, about a giant Christmas tree…
And Santa with his jolly mirth, suit of red around his girth
Toys, reindeer pulling sled, visiting children while in bed
Asleep or trying hard to be, while thinking of the Christmas tree
And all the presents they would find, big boxes, ribbons all entwined.

Ties to home and family and times around the Christmas tree
Instilled in Patty Christmas joy she shared with every girl and boy.
Her love of Christmas giving grew and love for other people too.
Our daughter has a special way of sharing every holiday.
With greetings, smiles, and a loving heart, her special message to impart;
She says the words we love to hear, the same ones she says every year:

“This is the best
Christmas ever!