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The Best Of Times

As you know, there’s no place like home for the holidays! The company is very special; the food is delicious after all is said and done); the gifts are neat; the games we play are those once a year tributes to our old fashioned togetherness. The love and camaraderie are there and freely exchanged.

So, now that all that is done, the shopping is over, everyone has made their exchanges, and family and friends from other states are heading home in time for the New Year, what’re you going to do with that little bit of time before you get into the swing of things?

I found a moment to hibernate and remember that I have had many requests for this poem. I have shared it with you before, so as you decide what to do and start making plans for the new year, find a quiet spot and remember…

The Old Buffet
From early on our children knew
Just where to go for “things to do.”
Their dad and I would always say:
“You’ll find it in the old buffet.”

There once were marbles, comics, strings,
Broken crayons, books, and things,
We’d add to them and take away
Treasures from the old buffet.

Our children left the nest when grown
Then brought home children of their own
Who learned the secret right away—
The treasures of the old buffet.

The drawer was cleared from time to time,
As kiddies grew into their prime;
The items changed from racing cars
To Power Rangers—dinosaurs.

The story of our life is there.
There’s winning art from County Fair,
Colored paper, a Bingo game ,
The youngest’ writing of his name.

Yes, all our babies now are grown,
Now Dad is gone and I’m alone
With memories, never put away—
The treasures of the old buffet

Written & rewritten over the years by Kitty Maiden

Get out your bells and whistles and ring in the New Year! Enjoy yourself… every single day of the new year! I will.

Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.