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The Last Month Of The Year…

So many of us look forward, with hope, to a change of pace, good news, inspiring happenings, and the kind of life we’ve come to expect and appreciate here in America.

We have been overcome with nearly two years of problems and are hoping they can be solved as we move into 2022. We follow the news though the likelihood of a better world still doesn’t appear on the horizon. We still seek to do the best with everything, using positive attitudes. It sounds so easy but we know by now that it takes every bit of energy and concern to rise up each morning and face the continuing bad news. As they say, sometimes a great notion.

The singing group I have been with for seven years, had to face the virus situation in many ways. First the rules that had to be followed made rehearsals impossible. Then our accompanying pianist was faced with the necessity of a heart operation. Some of the singers moved to other states to live with their children and though we stayed in touch and hoped all would grow well in the future, we were not singing together for over a year.

Recently, there seemed to be a ray of sunshine when one of the homes we had sung for many times called and asked if Company G would have a show at their place on December 2. That would be plenty of time to prepare (if we got someone to play piano—and if the remaining number of women agreed to perform.)

Once we said yes, every possible deterrent occurred. We had a show called Christmas Wishes that we reprinted and sent to each singer and planned to have rehearsals. None of the rehearsals occurred. We refused to cancel the show and kept checking ways we could handle it.

Ultimately, with the pianist’s knowledge of music and words to the songs embedded in the memories of seven singers, from years of singing, we decided to go ahead—and call the show A Christmas Rehearsal.
The end result of our only Christmas show of the year was fantastic! All because we called it a rehearsal. The audience was three times greater than previous shows and the residents were as happy to have us.

After the show, we followed our usual habit and went out to dinner. On the way, it seemed the sky was overcome with a colorful rainbow and our hearts were calm and ready for notable changes.
Perhaps we should continue to rehearse the good times and get back to normal

Merry Christmas to you all!
Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.