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The Right Food Bowl

by Sam Mazzotta

Dear Paw’s Corner: I hope this advice helps other cat owners. My cat, Ferris, is 13 years old, and while he’s generally healthy, he does have arthritis and is not as energetic as he once was. I noticed a few months ago that he was not finishing his dry food in the evenings, so I took him to the vet to get him checked out. Everything was fine, but the vet said that he might have some discomfort crouching down to reach his food and water.
I went online to find a raised platform that would hold food and water dishes. The trouble was that many of the platforms were too high for Ferris to reach comfortably, and he didn’t seem very happy with the platform de-sign. Instead, I found a dish that he loves. It sits about three inches above the floor and is angled higher in the back so that he doesn’t push the food out of the bowl while eating.
It’s weighted so that it doesn’t shift while he eats. This is a lot more comfortable for Ferris, and he’s eating all of his food again.
—Terry L., Bloomington, Indiana

Dear Terry: Thank you for sharing your story! I’m glad that Ferris found the perfect food dish.
Sometimes we have to try a few different items before discovering the perfect one for our pets. Whether it’s a food dish, a toy or a bed, we have to be prepared to spend a little more money than expected to get just the right item. Trial and error is part of the process, and part of the joy of owning a pet.

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