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Tips—States Puzzle

by JoAnn Derson

  • To help our children learn the placement of states, we glued a map to a piece of cardboard, then used a razor knife to cut each state out along its lines. This created a puzzle. It made learning the states fun, and we wrote the capitals on the backs, so we learned those, too.
    —M.A. in Georgia
  • Keep extra magazines in the car to read when you have to wait or while sitting in line at the bank or fast-food drive-through.
  • I love self-sticking notes to stay organized. I use them on my bathroom vanity mirror so that I can preplan my day in my head while getting ready.
    —E.T. in Georgia
  • I purchased extra-large safety pins and used scraps of fabric to designate towels for family members. I wrote each of our names in washable ink on several ‘tags,’ which are then attached to our bathing towel. I can tell in an instant who has left their towel on the floor/bed/etc. I am washing a lot less towels now.
    —D.L. in Ohio
  • I had a few old mouse pads that were lying around. I used embroidery floss to stitch a few together, and I use them as a knee pad in the garden. The bonus is that it rolls up for storage!
    —A.C. in New Mexico
  • Keep and wash thoroughly any vegetable or meat trays (discard broken ones or pierced ones). They can be used as paint tray for small projects around the house, or for the children.


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