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Twenty Small Cigars

by Mick Harper

  1. Which album contains Transylvania Boogie and Twenty Small Cigars?
  2. Name the group that wrote and re-leased Tequila Sunrise.
  3. Edgar Winter is best known for two songs. What are they?
  4. Who released You Were On My Mind and The Pied Piper in 1966?\
  5. Name the song that contains this lyric: They say that you’re a runaround lover, Though you say it isn’t so.


  1. Chunga’s Revenge, by Frank Zappa in 1970. It was his third solo album. In all, Zappa released 62 albums during his career.2. The Eagles, on their 1973
  2. Desperado album. The title came from the popular alcoholic drink of the day.
  3. Frankenstein and Free Ride, both released in 1972 on his They Only Come Out At Night album. Frankenstein was released as a b-side single that caught on when DJs started getting requests for it.
  4. Crispian St. Peters.
  5. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, by Bobby Vee in 1962. The song climbed charts around the world, but the only place it reached No. 1 was in Ireland. Vee had 38 Hot 100 chart hits during his career, 10 of which reached the Top 20.