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Welcome Back Dr. Biosil

by Mitch Booth
In my last article entitled Let’s All Follow The Sun (August 20, 2021 we were happy to announce that Love Whole Foods has resumed our Continuing Community Education programs. Sadly, they were suspended due to COVID safety concerns.
We are excited to announce that we are resuming this thirty-year tradition by hosting an evening with my friend, Dr. Richard Passwater, PhD. He is returning to Ormond from Destelbergen, Belgium, Dr. Passwater is the head biochemist at Bio-Minerals NV. This Belgium company produces the EU’s #1 selling nutraceutical, BioSil for hair, skin, and nail re-storation business.
Their products are so effective that super model Christie Brinkley sings the praises in her book Timeless Beauty which has been a New York Times Top 100 seller six years running.
Oh, is this just another celebrity endorsement for money? You won’t find that here. She states emphatically: she has no monetary relationship with Natural Factors who have exclusive distribution rights to BioSil in North America.
So what makes this product so re-markable? BioSil is a patented matrix of silica chelated with choline stabilized orthosilicic acid. As Dr. Passwater explains, silica is the building block of collagen. Tough fibrous collagen not only holds our body together, but it plays a vital role in slowing down the skin’s aging process. More importantly, collagen plays a vital role in preventing the following aging problems: osteoporosis, joint deterioration, hardening of arterial walls, and gum disease, as well as preventing brittle hair, skin, and nails.
Dr. Passwater will be presenting the newest research on BioSil’s impact on cognitive decline. When we are young, silica levels in our body are high, our skin is supple and glowing, our joints and bones elastic/flexible. As we age, silica levels decline and without significant restoration, the signs of aging ensue.

So why don’t we just eat sand? Simple answer: we can’t digest it. Natural Factors, by utilizing Dr. Passwater’s research, has chelated orthomolecular silica with a choline molecule to solve the absorption issue. The result, as Dr. Passwater so aptly states, “BioSil doesn’t have side effects it simply has major side benefits.”
Want science integrity? BioSil is the only product that puts the clinical data on the box! A recent report by the Cleveland Clinic documents 300,000 Americans, men and women over the age of 65, suffered a life changing hip fracture in 2017. The cost to our healthcare system: 20 billion dollars!

The solution: fight the onset of the deterioration. Invest in your bone superstructure by making flexible bone. What about the drug therapy? Look behind the curtain: the true test is what happens when there’s a slip and fall. Does the bone bend or fracture?
Need more incentives to looking younger? There will be product cou- pons, a raffled gift basket, as well as a 20 percent discount for ALL Natural Factors products. This will ex-tend to the end of the month, not just for one day.

That should be enough to get you to walk, skip, and jump at the opportunity to stimulate your collagen production to create a new you. The best hair, skin, and nails product in the United States. Distributed exclusively by Natural Factors in North America. Natural Factors’ Healthy Bones Plus Kit incorporates BioSil in what I consider the best supplement for healthy, and in many cases reversing, osteoporosis available in the marketplace today.

So flex some joints on your way over to the Ormond store on Tuesday, September 28, 7 p.m. Dr. Passwater will only be there one night. Please call to reserve a seat. He packed the house his last visit.

Mitch Booth is the owner of Love Whole Foods in Ormond Beach and Port Orange—the area’s largest organic and gluten free food stores.