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Without A Song

How it all began… Many women and men have made singing an important part of their lives, some in church choirs, some in barbershop harmony, and others in choruses or community groups around the country. During their earlier years, several who could play the ukulele, would ask Charlene to teach them how to play the baritone uke. She was delighted.

About a half dozen were in for a special time learning to play ukuleles and add still another type music to their repertoire. It was a great time in the lives of the Kooky Ukes.

After a few years, the leader had to give up working with the group as her husband needed a full-time caregiver. The women decided not to give up their time together. A decision was made to continue to sing together one night a week. In time the ladies realized Kooky Ukes would not be revived and began to consider singing, using songs learned during earlier years. It was amazing how many songs they still knew.

The Andrew Sisters had a song called The Bugler Boy Of Company B from an era well remembered. That’s when the idea of a similar name… being Company G, began to develop. The group found a terrific semi-retired jazz musician pianist and went to work singing oldies but goodies.
Company G knew that some wonderful people, now in veterans homes, assisted living, or nursing homes, were ready for hearing their favorite songs and often loved to sing along. The singers began with a half dozen ladies and grew to fifteen who set aside a day each week for rehearsal or performing.
Actual performances usually had eight of those ladies at any given show. A strong friendship developed among the group that always included dinner after each performance.

There are 52 weeks in each year and in 2019 Company G had 36 performances. It was a very busy year… and very pleasing to all involved in Company G.

Then along came 2020, the year of the Pandemic Crisis. It was one of the worst years in American history as well as in the entire world and still unresolved. Company G faced 2020 and some can tell you that we were left “Without A Song.”

Lifestyles have changed but as we continue in the Pandemic crisis years, I, for one, am seeking to once again work together with a group of singers. Perhaps one day, we will put together a chorus of apartment dwellers who consider music a very important part of life.

Kitty Maiden is a staff writer for Seniors Today.