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Workout Goals For 2023?

by Matilda Charles

We love our new exercise coach. This is the young student who used us as guinea pigs for a college class project, graduated and has now been hired by the senior center as our permanent workout guru. It’s only been a month, and already we want to make him Employee Of The Year.

Somehow he managed to convince the town to spend large dollars to outfit a space in the rec center dedicated to workout equipment for seniors. We haven’t just been turned loose with all that fancy new gear. Coach has re-quired that we all have a personal session with him wherein he will instruct us on each machine and fill out our personal goal sheet with the weights and repetitions for each one. Periodically he will stalk through the room, instruct on posture, scrutinize someone’s goal sheet, and ensure the machine’s weight is set correctly.

The bonus for us is that the cost per month is less than one-quarter the amount charged by the regular gyms in our area.
Is a gym workout in your plans for 2023? While you might not be lucky enough to have a personal coach and a brand-new dedicated-for-seniors exercise room at your rec center, you still might be able to join a gym near you.

Do you qualify for a low-cost SilverSneakers fitness membership through your Medicare advantage or supplemental plan? Many plans have this benefit (standard Medicare does not), and over 17,000 gyms across the country participate.

If you find a local gym (don’t forget about the YMCA), ask whether a fitness expert will show you how each machine works and to generate an exercise plan for you. It’s often included in the membership.

One bonus to signing up for a gym membership at this time of year is that gyms frequently offer discounts for the new year.